Suck It Up Princess


1. The Way It Has To Be
2. Let’s Put It This Way
3. Dude... Just Put Some Faith In Me
4. Sunshine
5. Checked For The Rest
6. Fuck All You Haters
7. I Bought A Lemon… I Want My Money Back
8. Suck It Up Princess
9. Time Won’t Change A Thing
10. A For Attitude

Release Date: 22. June 2012
Concrete Jungle Records
LC 24184

PALMCHAT is a young pop-punk band from Saarbrücken / Germany, founded in 2010. After the release of the first promotion songs “Checked For The Rest” and “Sunshine”, the 4 guys played more than 50 shows all over Germany and thus created a huge fanbase. Noteworthy, they achieved all of this without any help from booking agencies or record labels.

Together with producer Christian Diehl the band recorded their debut album “Suck It Up Princess” at the Think Audio Recordings studio in spring 2012. The record contains 10 songs that mainly combine elements of modern pop-punk with melodic electro samples. Especially their energetic guitar riffs, catchy melodies, straight drum beats and passionate vocals create PALMCHAT‘s unique sound. This and the guest appearances of Dennis Fries (HIS STATUE FALLS) and Lukas Conrad (A DIARY ENTRY) complete PALMCHAT‘s successful beginnings.

„We‘ve been working our butts off for this record and we‘re stoked to release it! Every single one of us is absolutely confident that “Suck It Up Princess” will blow everyone‘s minds! We‘re really looking forward to working with Concrete Jungle Records and are fired up for all the upcoming shows!“ says guitarist Daniel Keller. And this effort definitely paid off! Because with “Suck It Up Princess” PALMCHAT created a debut album that has no reason to fear international comparison.