Val Sinestra

Val Sinestra

01. Allein zu zweit
02. Was sie tun
03. Jagdfieber
04. Keine Luft
05. Deine Stadt
06. Rausch

Release Date: 26. Juni 2015
Concrete Jungle Records
LC 24184

Annoyed by all the wannabe-rockstars with their posing and their worn-out riffs, four Berliners met up in 2011 and decided to make war - war on those self-declared scene-kids and their rules on how to behave.

Truth is: It wasn’t easy for VAL SINESTRA to channel this energy and focus on one direction. So their initial plan brought changes to the band’s set up – in 2013 a new singer and guitar player joined. And the band has found the right directon ever since.

Their music can be compared with THE BRONX’s fierce energy, the rock’n’roll of VALIEN THORR, spiced up with a little bit of BLACK FLAG’s anger. Paired with German lyrics, VAL SINESTRA’s sound escalates in an energetic and diverse hardcore rock’n’roll show.

It’s a show for everyone who simply wants to freak out and explode. And even if people just shake their heads in disagreement or flip them off, VAL SINESTRA doesn’t give a fuck and shouts out what is hidden in the very last corner of your mind. 

Val Sinestra

Photo Credit © Christoph Eisenmenger 2018