The Tipping Point

Authority Zero

01. No Other Place
02. Undivided
03. For The Kids
04. Take Or Leave It
05. Struggle
06. Lift One Up
07. On The Brink
08. Today We Heard The News
09. The Tipping Point
10. Shakedown In Juarez
11. Endless Roads
12. 21st Century Breakout
13. What’s The Big Deal

Release Date: 29. March 2013
Concrete Jungle Records
LC 24184

Mesa, AZ based punk rock band AUTHORITY ZERO has managed to weather the music industry storm and endure living on the road away from friends and loved ones for almost 2 decades. With four studio albums under their belt, two live acoustic albums, and two EP’s, they appear to be just getting started. Over the past few years the band has broke ground internationally, beginning with shows in Japan, followed by performances at Belgium‘s legendary Groezrock, Spain’s Resurrection Fest and UK‘s Rebellion Fest amongst countless other European festivals. With tours through Russia and Australia in the works, AUTHORITY ZERO continues to seek new destinations to spread their live show and music.

Initially their goal was simple; create a sound that paid tribute to their punk rock forefathers, but not confined by the musical barriers that typically bound the genre together. Now, 18 years later, they have just wrapped up their fifth full-length studio album. Named after the Malcolm Gladwell book, The Tipping Point was recorded by producer Cameron Webb (PENNYWISE, SOCIAL DISTORTION, MOTÖRHEAD) at Maple Studios in California. „The excitement and anticipation for the new album The Tipping Point that I have is unparalleled,” says vocalist Jason DeVore. “The closest thing I can think of is how I felt when we first released A Passage In Time so many years ago. You feel you‘re really doing something right when you and the members of your band are rocking out to it like it‘s their new favorite album that just came out. That‘s how it should feel. The energy, the intensity, and collaborative sounds along with a new realm of production working with Cameron Webb has made it extremely intense. It‘s a taste of the old school and slingshots into new areas and veins of music we have yet to tap into. We‘ve also incorporated some surprise elements. It‘s an album based on the idea of tipping the scales, unity, causing a ruckus while forging on, and the history and future of all who have been involved and will be for years to come. We‘re fired up.“

After the release of their last album, Stories of Survival, guitarist Zach Vogel and drummer Jim Wilcox left the band for more family time. But the rest of the band carried on by inviting new recruits and Amarillo, TX native Brandon Landelius on guitar along with legendary punk drummer, Sean Sellers (GOOD RIDDANCE, THE REAL MCKENZIES) on drums to restructure and complete the group. With their fifth studio album The Tipping Point, AUTHORITY ZERO is determined to carry on with perseverance and dedication to spread their music and message to fans around the globe. The album will be released in Europe via Concrete Jungle Records March 29th, 2013 (UK April 1st, 2013) as limited Digipak CD incl. one exclusive European bonus track and as limited and colored 12“ LP incl. MP3 download card.

Authority Zero

Photo Credit © Jim Louvau 2021