The Human Condition

Burning Lady

01. Intro
02. Kibrom
03. Natural (Un)justice
04. Right-thinking Punks
05. Shame On Your Crew
06. Cheerfull Pessimist
07. Nightmares Come True
08. Age Of The Working Dolls
09. Don't Fight The Wrong Battle
10. Dying for Kobanî
11. A Bull On Fire
12. Before September

Release Date: 30. September 2016
Concrete Jungle Records
LC 24184

More than 130 shows after the release of BURNING LADY’s debut album “Until The Walls Fall“ (Concrete Jungle Records, 2013) the street punk newcomers are now ready to come out with their second LP “The Human Condition“ - another energetic record that will definitely cause a stir in the scene.

Lille, France in 2008: BURNING LADY and their unique street punk sound became an underground gem. Sophie’s intense vocals and energetic live performance impressed punk fans worldwide. The female vocals on American punk-inspired sound are a throwback to Hell-Cat Records at their best. If you like RANCID, THE DISTILLERS, DEADLINE or LUNACHICKS, you’ll surely dig BURNING LADY.

However, the 12 tracks on “The Human Condition“ show that this record is going beyond anything they’ve ever released. Bass player Alex describes their it as “more mature, faster, darker and more melodic“ than their debut - and also more “energetic and aggressive“. But this development is not only noticeable on the instrumental part. The lyrics are commenting on political and social issues worldwide that have left marks on the band. Songs like “Dying for Kobani“, “Kibrom“ or “Age Of The Working Dolls“ bluntly address these topics, without talking big words around it.  

Burning Lady

Photo Credit © Greg Merual 2016