Sorry. Thanks.

Modern Pets

01. Pilsator
02. Necessities
03. The Walking Contradiction
04. Back To My Heart
05. Funeral Fun
06. Excessive
07. Clocked Assholes
08. News
09. No Access
10. I’m Not A Brick

Release Date: 03. May 2013
Concrete Jungle Records
LC 24184

After 3 years of world-history MODERN PETS are still part of the cosmic joke! Together with Brian Eno, Brezel Göring (STEREO TOTAL), Christoph Bartelt (KADAVAR) and Daniel Husayn (CLOROX GIRLS, RED DONS, THEE SPIVS...) they recorded their second longplayer, reminding heavily of 70s and 80s punkrock like ADOLESCENTS and BUZZCOCKS.

Badly tuned guitars and screeching voices appeal to the primitive in human kind. The CD comes with a hole in the middle and constitutes another „milestone“ in the band’s history  after 200 shows, five 7” releases and one longplayer it. With their shy-style mongo attitude they´ll get you to give them your last cigarette, your keys and all of your cash. Along with Autofick they stab your back with a blast of new wave hipstershitpunk.

"Fortunately, there ain't nothing modern about the rotten Pet Sounds of these lose cannons... They lit their snot-filled crackerjacks on their cigarette butts and throw them straight into the face of all the yuppie scum and career advisors, covering the cities in good old 77' styled Punkrock slime.”

The new album „Sorry. Thanks.“ incl. 10 brand new tracks will be released May 3rd, 2013 as CD and Digital Download on Concrete Jungle Records. LP via P. Trash Records.

Modern Pets

Photo Credit © Delikt Shots 2013