No Police State Coalition

Rejected Youth

01. No Police State Coalition
02. Drag Me Out Of Here
03. Nine.Eleven.
04. Livin In A Cage
05. Lost Liberty
06. Dreary Town
07. Rejected Youth
08. The End

Release Date: 18. October 2004
Concrete Jungle Records
LC 24184

After several tours and single shows there comes a new MiniCD from REJECTED YOUTH from Nuremberg as a warm-up for the upcoming longplayer. And what a warm-up. Musically more ripened than ever before and textual the trio is already known for thoughtful lyrics. The catch-phrase for this record is „No Police State Coalition“ which was chosen in regard to actual repression and court procedure that also hit friends of ours and increasing police brutality. Also due to state authorities that aimlessly take actions against everything that doesn’t fit into their perfect society and is posing a threat to the general public since September 11, 2001. Actions that are only cutting down the rights of individuals and slowly but surely create a surveillance state… 3 new songs, the „Awesome CBGBs“ 7” on CD for the first time and a video for the title track are on this silverpiece in a neat DigiPack. It’s worthwhile!

Rejected Youth

Photo Credit © Katia Wik 2011