Lucky 13

V.A. - Concrete Jungle Records

01. THE TURBO A.C.'S - Go Ahead
02. THE MOVEMENT - More Products
04. ADOLESCENTS - Nightcrawler
05. THE CREEPSHOW - ‘Til Death Do Us Part
06. AUTHORITY ZERO - On The Brink
07. THE PEACOCKS - A Lie And A Cheat
08. THE GENERATORS - The Day Love Died
09. BURNING LADY - Age Of The Working Dolls
10. VENEREA - Better Day
11. VAL SINESTRA - Hundertachtzig
12. GOODBYE FAIRGROUND - Look Up, Hannah!
13. VERSUS THE WORLD - She Sang The Blues
14. THE REVOLVERS - Narrowminded But Ain`t Got A Clue
15. THE HOLLOWPOINTS - Fallin Up Stairs
16. RIOT BRIGADE - More To Learn
17. MODERN PETS - Necessities
18. REJECTED YOUTH feat. MARK UNSEEN (THE UNSEEN) - Black Army (Re-Recorded)
19. TOTAL CHAOS - Waste Away My Life
20. ASHERS - Cold Dark Place
21. MAD SIN - Meattrain At Midnight

Release Date: 23. March 2018
Concrete Jungle Records
LC 24184

13-year itch! That’s what the Punk & Hardcore record label Concrete Jungle Records from Nürnberg, Germany is going through right now. But true to the motto „Lucky 13" the label will celebrate its 13th anniversary big. One way will be this Nice Price compilation. And after more than 100 releases it’s definitely about time for a new label compilation that contains a mix of the latest available releases.

„Concrete Jungle Records - Lucky 13“ will be released March 23rd, 2018 including 21 songs with more than one hour of playtime. Get it as limited Digipak CD featuring THE CREEPSHOW, ADOLESCENTS, THE MOVEMENT, THE TURBO A.C.’s, THE PEACOCKS, DEATH BY STEREO, MAD SIN, BURNING LADY, THE GENERATORS, TOTAL CHAOS, VAL SINESTRA, and many more. A perfect way to to discover the label’s current catalog!

V.A. - Concrete Jungle Records