Kill Your Master


01. Kill Your Master
02. Destitution
03. End Of The Rope
04. Vanished
05. Watch It Burn
06. Time Lapse
07. Blood And Grain
08. Killing Time
09. Now So Clear
10. Eyes Of Demise
11. Cold Dark Place
12. Faith Denied
13. Class Of ´94

Release Date: 09. July 2010
Concrete Jungle Records
LC 24184

ASHERS is a new Hardcore/Trash Punk band from Boston with Mark Civitarese as their frontman, vocalist of the Boston based punk band THE UNSEEN. Mark has been busy the last few years, not only being the singer of THE UNSEEN, but also lending his voice to other international acts, performing vocals on the album of his close acts BLOOD FOR BLOOD, REJECTED YOUTH, THE RABBLE and most recently singing on DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR’s new album.

There are also members of CRASH & BURN and DEADLY SINS playing in the band. However, the band is not just a side project but a separate new band playing a kind of Hardcore-Punk that is also influenced by other genres like Rock’n’Roll and Metal. In November 2008 they released their first EP, which is now followed by their debut album "Kill Your Master".

The lyrics are a criticism of society and politics but also concern personal views and experiences. Thus they do not want to teach you what is wrong or right but encourage you to think and act for yourself. "Life is what you make it, size what you want". 13 Songs.


Photo Credit © Lauren Mangini 2009