Has Hate Been Kind Enough

Flower Leperds

01. Sidewinder
02. Has Hate Been Kind Enough?
03. The Hunt
04. Riding The Blade
05. Necrology
06. Death of two Lovers
07. Inferno
08. Muscle of Love
09. Seduction Of The Innocent
10. New Electric Church
11. Signed In Blood
12. Cadence
13. Chinese Lullaby
14. We Got It All

Release Date: 21. July 2023
Concrete Jungle Records
LC 24184

Finally available more than thirty years after disappearing from the radar, the FLOWER LEPERDS recordings with Tony Reflex (ADOLESCENTS) as lead vocalist are being released on Concrete Jungle Records. “Has Hate Been Kind Enough?” and “Crucifixion Baby” are a two separate volume compilation chronicling the four years (1987-1991) Reflex was lead vocalist and member of the FLOWER LEPERDS.

Under the pseudonym Tony Montana, Reflex recorded four albums with the FLOWER LEPERDS on the now legendary Hollywood punk rock label Triple X Records. These records are long out of print and the label has disbanded.

The FLOWER LEPERDS were a punk band from West Covina, California, who were active from 1980-1991 when the band was finally derailed by years of poor decisions. The Original FLOWER LEPERDS, now led by singer Mark Olson, continue to make records. This current collection represents the years Tony Reflex sang.

The FLOWER LEPERDS “Has Hate Been Kind Enough?” represents the years 1986-1988 which were tumultuous years for the band. Led by guitarist Jeff Wolfe, drummer Mat Young (CH3, ORIGINAL SINNERS, THE DISTILLERS) and the newly recruited Tony Reflex, the FLOWER LEPERDS quickly and defiantly became a completely different band from the original group. The band had to try to overcome many obstacles - and against all odds - managed to record two albums. Produced by Chaz Ramirez (legendary engineer of Casbah Studios) and Eddy Egan, the band released two full lengths on Triple X Records.  Much like Reflex’s work with THE ABANDONED, the songs compiled on “Has Hate Been Kind Enough” run the gamut from punk to hard rock and established the band as out of step with the punk bands of the time.

“Crucifixion Baby” represents the years 1989-1991. These years were somehow just as dramatic and ironically were the most stable years of the band. Beginning with the addition of bassist Kenny Ochoa and second guitarist Ted Venneman, the band recorded twice with a new producer, and the sound again became a defiant response to the burgeoning local music scene. Ted brought a heavier sound, Kenny a solid bottom end. In the time Reflex sang for the band, the FLOWER LEPERDS played in front of a live audience less than 20 times. A fantastic band that recorded two records, but barely made it out of the rehearsal space. The existence of these recordings is miraculous.

"Has Hate Been Kind Enough?" and "Crucifixion Baby" will be released on 21.07.2023 via Concrete Jungle Records and form an exciting document of the Californian punk scene of the late 80s.

Flower Leperds

Photo Credit © KRK