21st Century Loser

Rejected Youth

01. Rearrange
02. Lost Liberty
03. The Sods
04. EOT Media Lies
05. God Thank You
06. Down In Chiapas
07. March On
08. Mad Boy
09. Out Of Control
10. Nineties' Youth
11. TV Generation
12. Ain't It Funny?
13. I'm A Loser

Release Date: 02. August 2002
Concrete Jungle Records
LC 24184

The grandiose debut-album now also available as digital release. Nürnberg punkrock with tons of energy and melody. Kicking out a mean bunch of trax, they have similar appeal as their neighbours OXYMORON, blending spiky upbeat punk with tuneful streetpunk! 

Rejected Youth

Photo Credit © Katia Wik 2011