MEANBIRDS "Champagne For The Poor" EP out now!

One year after the release of its debut album "Confessions Of An Unrest Drama Queen", MEANBIRDS presents its latest work with the EP "Champagne For The Poor".

The name of the EP is more of a political slogan than just another record title. Quite in the style of the "Life Deluxe For All" calls in the mid 00s. And it was around that time when the idea for the title track was born, which songwriter Magenta Caulfield has now realized with the MEANBIRDS.

Fans might be aware of the fact that his previous band REJECTED YOUTH already had a song with the same title. So why write the same song twice? "The REJECTED YOUTH version came at a time of personal breakups and so it became more of a tribute to the people who gave me support. But it was always clear that I would still finish to write the actual song on the subject matter" singer and guitarist says.

15 years later the result can finally be heard. All the songs on the EP have their own special character, just like on the debut "Confessions Of An Unrest Drama Queen" - sounding rough, straight-forward and, above all, energetic.

Mario Rivière drew the artwork once again - basically a persiflage of the MISFITS classic "Die, Die My Darling". MEANBIRDS pays homage to the Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, whose ideas of a fair distribution of wealth still have a strong appeal around the world today. A perfect epitome of "Champagne For The Poor."

The 4-track EP is available now!


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